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San Diego office and home water coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers are a modern, effective and profitable solution for providing purified drinking water.


Perfect water quality that creates your own source of health.


You no longer need to order, receive, move, install and store bottles.


The cost of providing drinking water is more cost-effective to 70%


A large diversity of models that will fit your interior

WPS San Diego Water Coolers and Dispensers

WPS Water Coolers are coolers without bottles and with a built-in filtration system. They provide a home, office, organization with clean drinking water.
This equipment has many other names: water dispenser, drinking water machine. Most often, it is called drinking water dispenser with an integrated filtration system.
WPS Water Cooler Dispenser itself is very similar to the usual cooler, only without a bottle. Sometimes it is called a “straight flow water dispenser”. Dispenser already has a built-in filtration, heating and cooling system.
With the WPS Water Coolers, you can drink chilled water, make coffee and tea furthermore, with some models you could enjoy soda and even add ice cubes to the glass.

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Conveniently! With the WPS Water Cooler, you do not need to order continuously water bottles, fill the passageways, kitchens or storerooms, look for the empty bottles for exchange, and finally carry weights. With a water purifier for water, you once and for all get rid of all these annoying processes.

Safely! Drinking water is prepared using modern technology directly in your office or at home, which means you get rid of the effects of poorly washed and prepared reusable containers.

Profitable! The WPS Water Cooler Dispenser is an extremely economical solution, compared with bottles, the savings can be up to 70%, and the payback can be already on the 3rd month of work. The cost of maintaining one unit, for example, can range from $17 to $30 per month (depending on system size), which is comparable to the cost of 5 bottles of 5 Gal. per month.

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