Why do we need water filtration systems in San Diego?

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What is in San Diego Tap Water?

All contaminants could be removed or reduced with water filtration systems.

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Sand, silt, rust

As a result:

  • Pipe Clogging
  • Deposits in Pipes
  • Premature wear of plumbing
  • Brown spots and stains on plumbing
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Salts of calcium and magnesium

As a result:

  • Formation of deposits and scale
  • Hard hair and dry skin
  • Increased costs for heating water
  • Over- consumption of detergents

Algae, Microorganisms, mold

As a result:

  • Entry into the body of toxins
  • Produced by microorganisms
  • Decreased immunity and infection
  • Intestinal disorders
  • Unpleasant color and water odor
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Strong smell,Turbid water

As a result:

  • During 25 years of consumption of Chlorinated water, 109 kg of chlorine enters the body
  • Decrease in reproductive function
  • Irritation of mucous membranes
water gases

Dissolved in water gases of chlorine and hydrogen, organic matter and microorganisms

As a result:

  • To use such water in everyday life is unpleasant. Also, to drink this type of water is dangerous!
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No one of municipal filtration station could handle phosphates and surfactants for 100%

As a result:

  • Decreased immunity
  • Cancers
  • In combination with chlorine could act as heavy poisoning

Сomplete Process of Water Filtration in a House

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first stage sediment filter

1. Water Filtration from large contaminants by mechanical filter.

This is a mechanical water purification filter with a polypropylene or carbon cartridge inside. The first stage in any water treatment. This filter removes biggest particles from the water like rust, silt, sand and other large impurities.The filter is a tube with a replaceable cartridge, which needs to be changed every 9-12 months. The filter is installed for cold water.

1.5 cub water softener

2. Water Purification with Water Softener eliminates Calcium and Magnesium.

The water softening filter is connected next to mechanical filter and makes the water soft, eliminating salts of hardness like calcium and magnesium. Water Softener has many options and variations from compact cabinet-type softener (1 bedroom house) to dual alternating softener (used in large houses or restaurants).Water Softener prevents buildup of scale in the boiler and in the washing machine. In addition, this filter helps to reduce use of washing powder, protects the pipes from clogging. Eliminates the dryness of the skin.

It is required to add salt every 3 months in order to maintain water softener.

activated carbon filter

3. Water Purification removes chlorine with Activated Carbon.

The third step is right after water softening filter. This step is related to chemical filtration. The filter removes chlorine, phenols, pesticides and organic contaminants, as well as an unpleasant odor. This active carbon filter makes the water transparent blue.Change of coal once every 5 years.

under sink reverse osmosis

4. Water Purification for drinking purpose with a Reverse Osmosis System.

Last Stage is obtaining purified drinking water. Reverse osmosis is the only technology today that allows you to get decontaminated water! Reverse Osmosis cleans the water at the molecular level, passing through the pores of the membrane only the molecules of pure water. All other organic and inorganic impurities Reverse Osmosis throws into the drain. With this filter, you can drink water directly from the tap.Reverse osmosis systems have the ability to connect to several points at the same time: coffee machine, refrigerator or icemaker.

WPS design, install and maintain Water Filtration Systems. The equipment of the system is selected individually and depends on water quality, quantity of consumers, complexity of installation and special requirements. You can drink healthy and crystal-clear water. In addition, you could take a bath in soft water without chlorine and rust.


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