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Water Filtration Systems 

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Systems – Commercial and Residential

With Reverse Osmosis Systems from WPS, you can enjoy a limitless supply of great tasting water right from the faucet – in many cases, we can connect your Reverse Osmosis System to your refrigerator for ice-cold drinking water and for clear pure ice cubes. Our Drinking Water Systems are perfect for cooking, coffee/tea, juicing and even washing your fruits and vegetables. You will never have to lift or buy expensive bottled water again.

reverse osmosis water systems

Home & Office Water Coolers

water coolers

Bottle-less Water Coolers with water filtration systems

We are San Diego one of the largest water cooler supplier and our range of bottle-less water coolers provide unlimited purified and hot/chilled water for all offices and residential buildings. WPS offers fixed prices, no bottle storage, and no deliveries. If you have access to tap water and prefer set budgets, the WPS bottle-less water cooler is the perfect solution. It is easy to use, fashionable and delivers an unlimited supply of ice-cold clean water.

Water Softeners San Diego

Water Softeners – Ion Exchange Water Filtration Systems (Salt regeneration)

WPS offers FIVE STAR quality water softener systems. We design all our softeners to treat hard water reliably and efficiently, giving our customers the best water in their homes. In fact, we still have softeners that have been working diligently more than lifespan, giving their owners that FIVE STAR soft water treatment and protection – This is the reasons why we give 5-year parts and 5-year labor guarantee on all our Water Softeners.

water softeners

Whole House Water Filters

whole house water filters

Whole House Water Filters – Salt free Water Conditioning Systems

With Whole House Water Filters or Conditioning Systems, you can adore peace of mind that the water source in your home is free from dangerous chlorine and chloramines. Our media ensure that your water is fresh, pure and bacteria free for many years. If you have ever observed a tint of brown or green when you fill your tub… You will notice how clear your water will be with a WPS Whole House Water Filter or Conditioning System.

Our products are widely used for water filtration of many applications