AXEON FSD-320 Compact Cartridge Filtration System 3/4″ FNPT


The AXEON® FSD-320 Cartridge Filtration Systems offer versatile and efficient water treatment solutions. Available in single, double, or triple stage designs, these systems feature 3/4″ FNPT ports and are customizable with any standard size cartridges, making them ideal for various pre or post water treatment applications. They are designed to accommodate standard 4.5″ diameter cartridges. Key features include AXEON 0 – 100 psi Pressure Gauges, a white powder-coated bracket, and three grey and black 4.5” diameter Pentair® housings, each 20” in length, along with a filter housing wrench. These systems are pre-assembled, easy to install, and come with a 1-year manufacturer limited warranty, ensuring high-quality components and reliability.

Brand: AXEON
MPN: 200096

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