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Are you facing a backflow issue? It is one of the least expected issues one would like to experience! Would you mind thinking of the waste we flush down the toilet and filthy water? The dirty water that flows out of the laundry machine and dishwasher… Imagine if that dirty water got into the house’s clean water supply— the water you bathe in and drink…

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Causes of Backflow

Backflow describes as unintended water flow moving in the opposite direction in the pipeline or plumbing system. It could be dangerous because bac-flow can cause contamination of clean water.


There could be two types of backflow that you could experience. Especially when there is a link between potable and non-potable water lines:

  1. Back Siphonage
  2. Back Pressure

You could face a back-pressure problem if the pressure of the filthy water source exceeds the pressure of the hygienic water supply. It usually happens due to anything that surges water pressure – pressure boosters, secondary water pumps, industrial machinery, and much more.

The back-siphonage problems occur when the pressure in the freshwater supply usually gets low, which can cause non-potable water to be all sucked backward through house water pipes.

But worry no more! Your right choice is here with the right tools in your hands. So get in touch with us for hassle-free backflow prevention services.

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How Can Backflow Be Prevented?

It is easy to prevent simply by creating an air gap (an open-source) between sources of clean water and wastewater pipes. But if an air gap is not applicable or there is not enough space to accommodate an air space, another solution could be a specialized valve. Yes, it could be installed in susceptible locations within the house plumbing system to control the backward flow of dirty water.

So if you are looking for an expert for backflow valve service, then get in touch! Our experts have experience in installing all valve types.


Signs You Need Backflow Repair Service

You always expect that water coming out of faucets will have an uninterrupted flow, a clean texture, and a pleasant taste with no odor at all! But the highly contaminated water may appear as:

  • Discolored, yellow, or brown
  • Have a bad smell
  • Water flow is interrupted
  • Visible sediments or rust particles
  • Bad taste
  • You could also witness slow draining or increased or decreased water levels.

So if you experience anything like this, you must consult with specialized plumbers.


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Why Choose Us for Backflow Prevention Services?

  • Our qualified technicians are well-trained to install, test, and service back-flow prevention devices.
  • They have years of extensive experience in fixing such issues following the local sanitation rules.
  • Our back-flow prevention device testing always keeps tap water clean and protects your business from the liability of contaminating the water supply.
  • Our licensed technicians work to meet all current regulations regarding backflow prevention.

So give us a call!


Cost Factors

The installation or repair cost of a back-flow preventer lies between $235 to $1,500, depending on the type and size of the system. In addition, the back-flow device ranges from $350 to $1500, while expert labor costs between $100 and $450.

WPS atmospheric backflow preventer

Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

WPS Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Backflow Prevention Assemblies

air gap backflow prevention

Air-Gap Backflow Prevention

sewer backflow preventer

Sewer Backflow Preventer

Repair or replace Backflow Preventer

Service Call: $129

Average labor: $120 – $620

Installation Supplies: $25 – $1250

Installation Time: 1 – 3 Hours

Installation Backflow Preventer (new installation)

Service Charge: $129

Average labor: $160 – $620

Installation Supplies: $45 – $1850

Installation Time: 1 – 4 Hours