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One of the supports of good health is healthy and purified drinking water, but regular tap water can contain sediment, chlorine, chloramine and other dangerous chemicals that most of us know it is a hazard for well-being. Healthy living people do not necessarily want to drink this contaminated water and almost all of them use water treatment systems.

In San Diego, we are happy to have a supply of tap water. However, it is not so significant the type of water you drink; more important is the quality of water. You can do a lot to improve the quality of your drinking water. There are different types and brands of water treatment systems.
By selecting the right system for you and maintaining it regularly, you can reduce chemicals, sediments, bacteria, and microorganisms – Ensuring that drinking water in your home is the best for your family’s health.

Types of under sink water filtration
  1. The classic multi-level system (installed under the sink) with a separate faucet.
  2. Compact multi-stage system (installed under the sink) with a separate faucet quick cartridge replace.
  3. Reverse osmosis system (installed under the sink), with a separate faucet, with a tank (water storage).
  4. Direct Flow reverse osmosis system, with a separate faucet, without a tank (without water storage).
  5. Filter on the faucet or next to the sink.
home reverse osmosis system

Under Sink Drinking Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis System is considered one of the best means for improvement of drinking water quality; it is recognized by both the Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency. It processes water by forcing it through a so-called “osmotic membrane”. Then the water is pushed through the membrane, leaving any possible impurities behind. The process itself can be lasting that’s why there is a small tank which stores the purified water until it’s needed. After it is available for use, the water runs through a post filter in order to get rid of any unpleasant odor and taste. Eventually, this water is simply dispensed from a faucet. Water processed in this way almost corresponds to the purity of distilled water but it takes significantly less time and no electricity to produce it.

We cannot continue taking our water for granted anymore. Municipal water facilities that are older often do not meet federal quality standards. A lot of distribution facilities are also dealing with the problems due to the budget cuts. Some time ago well water was thought to be pure, but nowadays we should take into consideration the possibility that of the groundwater can also be polluted by various chemical and biological impurities. Many people now hesitate before drinking tap water. Another alternative is getting bottled water, but it also has a number of disadvantages not only it is hard on the environment as well as creates waste but also can be pretty costly. WPS, Water Purification Systems can provide your family with fresh, healthy, water with excellent taste without any concerns. Due to numerous stages of filtration, which include reverse osmosis technology our drinking water systems help to remove just about all impurities from your water. 
Reverse osmosis – a complex, multifunctional system, each element of which performs a certain task. Our professional technicians will help you to choose the right system for your own needs.

San Diego Home & Office Bottleless Water Coolers/Dispensers

Bottleless water Coolers/Dispensers are quickly becoming the industry standard because of their many benefits versus 5-gallon bottle water coolers. Switching to a bottleless water Coolers/Dispensers for your office is cost effective and delivers great tasting water on demand.

3 benefits of a bottleless water Coolers/Dispensers system for your San Diego business.

1. Bottleless Water Coolers/Dispensers are Incredibly Cost Effective

Bottle free water Coolers/Dispensers systems, paired with a reverse osmosis filter, produce pure, great tasting water for approximately $0.02/gallon!

Compare this with the cost of 5-gallon bottled water, which averages $0.79/gallon, and the savings are huge!

2. Never Run Out of Fresh Drinking Water

We’ve all had those times. The company has grown, but the water order hasn’t and you run out of fresh drinking water for your employees.

With bottleless water Coolers/Dispensers, you never run out of water! No more needing to change your delivery amounts as your business grows. Just press the button and dispense cold, pure drinking water.

3. No More Lifting and Changing Heavy 5-gallon Jugs

How great does that sound? No more lifting heavy water jugs, spilling water, wasting your employees time!
Bottleless water Coolers/Dispensers also solve the age old issue of someone finishing the water and not replacing the empty 5-gallon jug with a full one… we all have one of those.

Do your team a favor and give them the best drinking water, with none of the hassle. And do your business a favor and stop paying those ridiculous prices for 5-gallon water bottles.

WPS,  Water Purification Systems Inc. is San Diego’s leading home & office water Coolers/Dispensers company. We use the highest quality water coolers and offer the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee and warranty on all of our products.


It is important for us to drink purified water, but the usual tap water definitely cannot be called “purified”. The filter systems of reverse osmosis are used to eliminate impurities, viruses and mineral substances that tap water has. This allows us to get clean water with a pleasant taste and without any odors straight from the faucet in our homes. Such water is suitable for drinking and cooking, it can be used for personal hygiene or technical needs.