3 Stage Water softener with Fleck 5812 XTR2 Upflow/Downflow Control Valve


Enjoy all the benefits of soft, chlorine free tap water in your home with the WPS Water Softener with Fleck 5812 XTR2 valve. Carbon media reduces chlorine taste and odor for great tasting water throughout your whole home. The high-end technology uses less salt and water by learning your water usage, saving you time and money. A high-flow valve allows for continuous water flow ensuring fewer pressure drops and better performance. Plus, you’ll be able to easily read the large color LCD display.

This control valve can be set up Upflow or Downflow for regeneration. Downflow is the default setting for the control valve. The downflow setting is the most reliable.
Upflow settings could be set up ONLY on customer request.

(Installation is not included in the price.)

Brand: WPS
MPN: 3stsoft5812xtr2