3 Stage Water softener with Fleck 5800 SXT Upflow/Downflow Control Valve


The water softener with Fleck 5800 SXT control valve is Flecks most modern yet simple to service, as the valve has very few moving parts as well as using snap together plates and a single programming board. A LCD backlit display helps programming in low light conditions. Money saved by buying less soap, and
eliminating the hard water buildup that makes water using appliances less efficient and shortens their life.

This control valve can be set up Upflow or Downflow for regeneration. Downflow is the default setting for the control valve. The downflow setting is the most reliable.
Upflow settings could be set up ONLY on customer request.

(Installation is not included in the price.)

Brand: WPS inc.
MPN: 3stsoft5800sxt