Time of decomposition of various household garbage

various household garbage

On the ground lie billions of tons of household waste. And every year on earth, their number is constantly increasing. People do not hesitate to litter everything: on the streets, in the entrances, parks, woods. It’s interesting, but do such people think about how much time is required for all these wastes to decompose? Probably not. But in some cases, the decomposition of garbage is required for thousands of years. We propose to get acquainted with a small, but a cognitive selection of how long it takes to decompose any waste that we so irresponsibly leave anywhere. We really hope that many of you will make the appropriate conclusions after reading this blog.

Food waste

Food waste

The decomposition of food waste takes about a month.

Products of life (animal droppings)

Products of life (animal droppings)

Despite the fact that the decomposition time is relatively small – about 10-15 days, littering animals in the streets is a very tangible problem, especially in large cities.



The decomposition time of newsprint can be from 1 month to a whole season.

Carton paper


We often throw out cardboard boxes, from which we have recently unpacked newly purchased goods. The truth is, some people throw such waste into the right place, while others throw where they want. So, the decomposition of cardboard boxes can be 3-4 months.

tree twigs in city

You will be surprised, but nature itself very often litter

Fallen leaves, seeds, dry branches and other remains of the life cycle of plants and trees can cause serious pollution in urban conditions. In some cases, the decomposition of these wastes may take up to 3-4 months.

office paper

Office Paper

The most seemingly ordinary office paper is decomposed 2 years.

Building materials

Building materials

In case of improper storage, the decomposition of the same building boards may be 10 years.

Iron fittings

Iron fittings

The decomposition period of the iron fittings used in the construction is 11-13 years.

cans on the ground


Every time, throwing a tin can on the ground, remember: the time of its decomposition is 10 years.

garbage shoes

Old shoes

The decomposition of old shoes, which we throw out, is 10 years.

construction concrete

Brick and concrete

The decomposition of waste consisting of bricks and concrete is 100 years.

lead acid batteries

Car Batteries

The time of their decomposition is about 100 years.

aluminium foil


Throwing out the foil packaging, remember: the time of its decomposition is more than 100 years.

small battery


The time of their decomposition is 110 years.

rubber tires


The time of decomposition of rubber tires can be 120-140 years.

plastic bottles

Plastic and plastic bottles

Throwing a plastic bottle, know that it will not decompose until 180-200 years.

aluminium bottles

Aluminum cans

One of the most common waste anywhere, wherever possible, are aluminum cans. But this is practically the most dangerous rubbish. The decomposition of one aluminum can is 500 years.

bottle glass


Perhaps the most common household waste is glass. Throwing another glass bottle in the trash, remember: the time of its decomposition is more than 1000 years.

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