Ozone Generator JED 203 (120V, 240V, 12V)


The JED 203 is a corona discharge “CD” ozone generator designed for water purification in residential hot tubs, small pools, fountains, cisterns, and water tanks. The JED 203 is supplied in a plastic rainproof enclosure that can be wall-mounted outdoors. The JED 203 has its own air compressor which can pump ozone into a pool, tub or tank up to 24 hours a day independently of water circulation. The JED 203 is typically installed in conjunction with an over the side kit or thru-hull fitting. It can also pump into a venturi injector. It comes standard with ozone air hose and weighted air dispersal stone. JED 203 regular can pump ozone to a depth of 4 feet in the water. JED 203HP to 6 feet, JED 203 XHP to 8 feet of water depth.

(Installation is not included in the price.)

Brand: JED
MPN: 203