Ozone Generator JED 603 (120V, 240V, 12V)


The JED 603 is designed for water purification in commercial hot tubs, small pools, fountains, cisterns, and water tanks. The JED 603 is supplied in a plastic rainproof enclosure that can be wall-mounted outdoors. The JED 603 has its own air compressor that can pump ozone into a pool, tub, or tank up to 24 hours a day independently of water circulation. The JED 603 is typically installed in conjunction with an over the side kit or thru-hull fitting. It can also pump ozone into a venturi injector. The JED 603 works well for pools with multi-speed pool pumps. When venturi suction drops during low-speed pump cycles, the JED 603 compensates for low venturi suction by pumping ozone into the venturi injector. Airflow is perfect and the ozone output is uniform even during low suction periods. JED 603 regular can pump ozone to a depth of 4 feet in the water. JED 603HP to 6 feet, JED 603XHP to 8 feet of water depth.

(Installation is not included in the price.)

Brand: JED
MPN: 603