How important is to drink alkaline water? Secrets of use.

use of alkaline water
use of alkaline water

Drinking clean water daily is essential for maintaining good health. However, drinking alkaline water can be even more beneficial. When consumed regularly, alkaline water can have a positive impact on all the systems of the body, making it a therapeutic option. Alkaline water can be obtained from various sources, including natural mineral sources, wells, or specialized systems that ionize water.

  • To make the best use of alkaline water, it is essential to follow certain rules and recommendations. Freshly produced alkaline water is more therapeutic than still water, and its healing properties only last for a short time of 1-2 days as its pH gradually decreases and ORP increases. Therefore, when preparing meals and drinks, it is advisable to use fresh alkaline water to ensure it effectively performs all its functions.
  • The amount of alkaline water you should drink for preventive and healing purposes depends on the oxidation level of your body and its individual organs. It is recommended to consult a doctor to determine the pH level of your blood, urine, gastric juice, and other fluids and systems. If specialist consultation is not feasible, start drinking alkaline water from the first alkaline level, gradually increasing the levels.
  • It is also essential to consider the temperature of the water. It is best to use water at room temperature, while warm water is ideal for cosmetic procedures like washing, wiping, taking baths, and washing hair. To maintain the water’s medical qualities for an extended period, it should be stored in a dark container in a cool or cold place.
  • These are the main secrets of proper and rational use of alkaline water. For more new and useful information about water, read our blog. Remember to drink pure ionized water for good health!


Drink pure ionized water. Be healthy!

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