How important is to drink alkaline water? Secrets of use.

use of alkaline water

Drinking clean water daily is very healthy. To drink alkaline water is even more useful. If you drink it systematically, it will positively affect all the systems of the body. This kind of water is considered therapeutic. It‘s obtained in several ways: from a natural mineral source, a well or through special systems that ionize water HERE.

Basic rules and recommendations for use:

  • It is important to remember that freshly produced alkaline water has more therapeutic potential than still water. Alkaline water retains its healing properties for a short time, only up to 1 -2 days, as it gradually decreases the pH (acid-base balance) and increases the ORP (redox potential).
  • When preparing meals and drinks, you need to use fresh alkaline water, so it successfully performs all its functions.
  • How much water should you drink per day for preventive and healing purposes? It depends on how oxidized your body is as a whole and its individual organs. We advise you to see a doctor for advice on the pH level (acid-base balance of blood, urine, gastric juice and other liquids, and systems).
  • If for some reason you cannot get a specialist consultation in the near future, then start drinking alkaline water from the first alkaline level (slightly alkaline). Because your body needs to gradually get used to such water, and alkaline water at high levels can become stressful for it.
  • Temperature is also a very important parameter to consider. It is better to use water at a room temperature; however, for cosmetic procedures (washing, wiping, taking baths, washing hair, etc.) you need to use warm water.
  • Storage methods – in order to keep all of its medical qualities as long as possible, you need to keep alkaline water in a dark container in a cool or cold place.

Those are the main secrets of proper and rational use of alkaline water. Read our blog and you will learn a lot of new and useful information about water.


Drink pure ionized water. Be healthy!

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