What is the quality of water at your home?

Water Quality San Diego

Chemical and biological analysis of water is necessary to determine the quality of water consumed by you daily. The analysis gives an opportunity to learn about the number of pathogenic organisms (viruses, bacteria) in water. Knowing the results of such analysis will help you properly select water filters that can eliminate almost any water problem. At WPS, we also offer free water test and customized suggestion for water filtration system based on your needs.

Multistage filters are optimally suited for residential water filtration. The most effective is reverse osmosis filters. They get rid off more than 96% of all contaminants in tap water. Such systems purify water, remove any weird taste, and get rid of harmful impurities. Multistage water filters can help to keep you and your family members healthier.

What is the quality of the water from your faucet?

You can estimate it yourself. For this purpose the experts have come up with the following criteria :

Organoleptic Properties of Water:

They are: color, level of transparency, taste, and smell. The taste of water can be different: sweet, bitter, sour. The taste of water is evaluated on a 5-point scale ( if you want, you can perform this test using water at 68 F/20 C ).

  • 0 points-no taste;
  • 1 point-almost unnoticeable aftertaste;
  • 2 points-a little bit noticeable aftertaste;
  • 3 points-noticeable taste
  • 4 points-the taste is strong;
  • 5 points-very strong taste.

You can only consume water, that is not higher than two points on this scale.

Reduced water transparency indicates the presence of unsolved organic or inorganic particles. The turbidity of the water is also a criteria of quality, the unit of measurement is mg per liter. Water can be used to prepare food if the level of turbidity does not exceed 2 mg/liter.

One more criteria of water quality is the smell. It arises when a substance contains foreign particles with their own smell. This water parameter is evaluated similarly to the taste one.

  • 0 points – no odor;
  • 1 point-barely noticeable;
  • 2 points-weak odor;
  • 3 points-a noticeable odor;
  • 4 points- strong odor;
  • 5 points- very strong odor.

The water used for cooking should not exceed 2 points on this scale.

Criteria for measuring the quality of water

Water is measured by the following qualities:

Water Hardness (The degree of water being hard or soft is influenced by ions of calcium and magnesium. If the water excessively hard, for example, it leaves white deposits on cookware during boiling, and it is difficult to foam soap or shampoo in it).

Mineralization ( This criteria indicates the volume of the substances dissolved in water. Most often in water there are: iron, fluoride, chlorides, potassium, sodium, manganese. High concentration of these elements can cause a number of diseases, including but not limited to allergic reactions).

Bacteriological Indicators (To find out how clean the water is using this criteria, it is necessary to take a special test. It allows to estimate the presence of organic components in water).

PH Level (The PH factor indicates the different processes taking place in the water. It shows how acidic/basic water is. It is measured by using a special device — PH-meter).

Before installing any filtration system in your house, it is important to perform water analysis. The results will help to assess the quality of the water and choose the best filter for your home. Do not guess what quality your water is – call WPS! Our technician will perform free water test for you and let you know about the options for making your water clean.

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