Warranty – Water Softeners and Water Conditioners WPS Inc.


The warranty starts from the date you purchase the product from WPSexpert.com or the date it is installed by a WPS Inc. technician.


Water Softeners and Water Conditioners

  1. Water Softeners / Conditioners Purchased from WPS Inc. and Installed by WPS Inc.

    Warranty Terms: The Water Softener system purchased from WPS Inc. and installed by our certified technicians is protected under a comprehensive 5-year warranty, which includes both parts and labor.

  2. Water Softeners / Conditioners Purchased from WPSexpert.com and Installed by Non-WPS Technicians

    Warranty Terms: For Water Softener systems acquired through the WPSexpert.com online store and installed by technicians not affiliated with WPS Inc., the warranty includes 1 Year for Parts ONLY. This is a manufacturer’s warranty and excludes labor. The warranty is limited to parts defects and does not cover any issues related to installation or improper use.

  3. Water Softeners / Conditioners Purchased from Third-party Stores and Installed by WPS Inc. Technician

    Warranty Terms: When a Water Softener is purchased externally from a store not linked to WPS Inc. but installed by a WPS Inc. technician, the warranty extends to Labor Only for a duration of 30 days. This warranty does not cover parts. In instances where the system fails due to reasons other than installation, the customer will incur costs for a full-service call, encompassing both labor and parts.