Drink Clean Water and Lose Weight ! 5 rules of the water diet.

Woman measure weight loss from drinking water

Modern diets are hard work and very stressful for the body, which does not always lead to the desired results. We suggest you try a Water Diet. It is one of the easiest in comparison with exhausting training and refusal of favorite dishes. In addition, it will maintain your achieved results without much difficulty.

5 rules of the water diet:

  1. Immediately after waking up – drink a glass of water!

Fresh lemon juice can be added to the water. Drink better in small sips. This will fill all the cells of the digestive system with moisture and help to efficiently remove the decay products from the body.

  1. A glass of water 30 minutes before breakfast.

It will help cells to actively absorb nutrients. Remember that you cannot drink water during breakfast or immediately after it.

  1. A glass of water 1 hour before lunch.

Next time you drink water is one hour before lunch. This activates the digestive juice, which ensures fast and natural digestion. No drinking water during lunch or immediately after it.

  1. Water before dinner.

About 2.5 hours after lunch, you need to drink another glass of water. Then, before dinner, you can drink water as needed. However, during the dinner and immediately after it, you cannot do it.

  1. The main rule – not any given water is suitable for this diet!

You are going to have the desired result if you use clean, filtered water!

By following these easy steps, you will help the body to get rid of extra pounds. When you reach your comfortable weight, just keep drinking clean water on schedule. Thus, you reinforce the result of weight loss and normalize the process of digestion, the negligence of which leads to excess weight. Only balanced water helps to burn excess weight. It delivers nutrients to cells and removes toxins from the body that contribute to the accumulation of fatty deposits.

Filtered water is optimal for a diet.

WPS filters eliminate all harmful substances from tap water, preserving its useful properties. Some models of filters also mineralize water: adding deficient magnesium to the optimal concentration.  After installing one of our filters, you will pass a course of water diet with great pleasure. After a month you will feel the benefits of clean drinking water and notice the lightness in the body.

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