How to reset a leak controller for a water filtration? HMDigital LBS-10 and SAVANT AS-414.

Reset Leak controller G
HMDigital LBS-10 solenoid with control element front

(HMDigital LBS-10)

leak controller 414 front


Leak controller – solenoid and front control element.


LBS-10 back control element with solenoid

(HMDigital LBS-10)

Leak controller – solenoid and back control element.

(HMDigital LBS-10)

wiping leak controller Savant 414 for reset


Wipe the sensor – make sure that the wiping cloth is dry.

When a leak occurs the
LeakBlock Sensor will latch
the solenoid closed and
sound “Beep-Beep-Beep”.

The alarm will continue
until LBS-10 LeakBlock
Sensor is Reset.

Press once on the “Close” button. (HMDigital LBS-10)

reset leak controller

Press “Reset” button for 3 seconds. (HMDigital LBS-10)

Only press “Reset” button for 5 seconds.

If a leak occurs Simply shut off the incoming water supply, first press “Close” button and after press “Reset” button for 3 seconds on the LeakBlock Sensor. A “Beep” will sound indicating the LeakBlock Sensor is ready for use. Make sure the surface where you place the LeakBlock Sensor is clean and dry.

reset the leak controller


Pressing “Reset” button

Don’t touch the moisture sensor!

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