Reverse Osmosis System Operation and Maintenance Instructions



To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your Reverse Osmosis (RO) System purchased from WPS Inc., please follow these annual maintenance guidelines and operational instructions:

Annual Maintenance Requirements

  1. Filter Replacement: Replace all filters annually to maintain the quality and efficiency of your system.

  2. TDS Testing: Conduct Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) tests on both incoming and filtered water to ensure the system is effectively reducing impurities.

  3. Inlet Pressure Check: Regularly check the inlet water pressure. This is crucial for the system to function correctly.

  4. Storage Tank Repressurization: Periodically re-pressurize the storage tank to maintain the system’s efficiency.

Post-Installation and Maintenance Flushing Procedure

After installing your RO system or conducting any maintenance work, it’s important to flush the system:

  1. Initial Wait Period:

    • Close the reverse osmosis faucet.
    • Wait for 2 hours to allow the system to stabilize.
  2. Flushing:

    • After 2 hours, open the reverse osmosis faucet.
    • Let the water run for 5 minutes to flush the system.
  3. Final Wait Period:

    • Close the reverse osmosis faucet after 5 minutes.
    • Wait for an additional 1 hour before using the water for drinking purposes.

Monthly Flushing Recommendation

If you use less than 2 gallons a day from your RO system, we at WPS Inc. recommend flushing the system every month. This helps in maintaining the quality of the water and the efficiency of the system.