Water Softener / Conditioner Operation and Maintenance Instructions


To ensure your water softener/conditioner functions effectively and efficiently, regular operation and maintenance are crucial. Follow these guidelines to maintain optimal performance of your system.

Regular Operation

  1. Settings Adjustment: Based on your water usage and hardness, adjust the settings of your water softener/conditioner to ensure it regenerates appropriately.

  2. Monitor Salt Levels: Regularly check and maintain the salt level in the brine tank. Refill salt when it falls below one-quarter full.

  3. Check for Salt Bridges: Occasionally, salt can form a hard crust or ‘bridge’ in the brine tank, preventing salt from coming in contact with the water. Break any bridges that form.


  1. Clean the Brine Tank: Annually or as needed, clean out the brine tank to remove salt residue and ensure efficient operation.

  2. Resin Bed Rejuvenation: Over time, iron and other minerals can clog the resin bed. Use a water softener cleaner to rejuvenate the resin bed. 

  3. Inspect for Leaks and Salt Buildup: Periodically inspect the system for any leaks or salt buildup around connections and valves.

  4. Professional Check-Up: Consider a professional inspection every few years to ensure your system is functioning correctly and to address any potential issues.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If your water softener/conditioner is not softening the water, check the salt level, regeneration settings, and look for salt bridges.
  • If you notice changes in water pressure, inspect the system for any blockages or salt buildup.
  • If the system is using too much salt, adjust the regeneration settings according to the water usage and hardness.

Safety Precautions

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for operation and maintenance.
  • Use caution when handling salts and chemicals.